Detroit Metro Chess Wizards

Chess Wizards is proud to be offering quality, high-energy chess programs all across the Detroit Metro area! All of our classes are taught by hand-picked and trained local teachers, who are expected to inspire an enthusiasm for the game within our students. Our classes are exciting and unique, featuring highly entertaining chess instruction, guided play, and team based chess variation games designed to promote creative thinking and decision-making. In addition to our school enrichment programs, we also organize a number of special events, such as chess day-camps for the Summer, Winter, and Spring Breaks, program wide tournaments, and individual school vs. school team matches.


Julia Viskushenko (МА , MI , NH , ОН)

Regional manager

Michigan Chess Wizards programs are run by Regional Manager Julia Viskushenko (МА , MI , NH , ОН) who can be reached at 866-949-4386 or by e-mail at Send Email