Chess Is The Best With
Chess Wizards

With an inspiring curriculum and a fun group setting, our classes are a perfect fit for children of all ages and skill levels!


Professional chess classes trusted by parents, schools, and students since 2002

More than just childcare with chess boards

Our interactive curriculum is exactly what kids need to challenge their brains. They'll learn skills that will help them thrive both on and away from the chess board!

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Step away from the screen and
into the game

In today’s digitally connected world, Chess Wizards gives children time to interact face-to-face with friends, improve their critical thinking skills, and learn good sportsmanship.

Safe and fun
for everyone

Finding childcare that's both fun and educational can be a challenge. Chess Wizards provides a safe place for your child to learn, grow, and play after the school day has ended.

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Why choose Chess Wizards?


Students Each Semester


Amazing Chess Wizard Instructors and Administrative Personnel


Schools, Park Districts, and Community Centers Across North America

What do parents say about Chess Wizards?

The in-person classes were amazing last year, but even the on-line versions are fun and engaging for my son. The instructors (and we’ve had many over our time with Chess Wizards), have all been awesome!

Sarah Kohler


My son LOVES Wednesdays because he gets to go to his Chess Wizards chess class! He has introduced chess and the concepts he has learned in class to our family and now we have multiple chess sets and all of our kids are enthusiastic about learning the game! The teachers help make chess so much fun!

Kristin Overson


We love chess wizards as an after-school activity at my children’s school. Such a great way to learn and have fun! The staff are entertaining and knowledgeable. Every time I ask my kids how was Chess Wizards today, they always say, "fun and we really like it mom!"

Christine Esguerra


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