There are a variety of online learning tools and chess puzzles. Here are a few of our favorite software sites for improving your chess game anytime, anywhere.

  • Chess Master: The Art of Learning

    If you cannot seem to find a way to get your child away from their iPad, then it might be a good time to try new tactics. This game will keep them busy for a long time, improve their chess skills, and you can feel better about getting them that hand-held system for their birthday! Link

    Chess Master 10th Edition

    Great learning at an extremely affordable price and tailored to different strengths, this program also analyzes your games to show you better moves. Courses and chess puzzles are provided for players of all levels by Grandmasters and International Masters like Josh Waitzkin. Link
  • Shredder Chess

    The best way to learn and improve your chess on your computer. Solve our daily updated chess puzzles with three levels of difficulty. Link
  • Internet Chess Club

    Where many Grandmasters play online. This site offers online games with players all over the world, lessons, articles and puzzles. Highly recommended. Link

Recommended Books

There are no shortages on books written about chess. Because there are so many out there, it can be very confusing to try and find one worth spending your money on. Here are some that Wizard Rob recommends to his students:

There are many other great books out there for kids and adults. A good idea to filter the bad ones from the good ones, and the good ones from the great ones, is to read the user reviews from sites like Amazon. If you are looking for more advanced books for your child, please email Wizard Rob at for a recommendation according to the abilities of your child!