Questions and Answers

Are students divided by skill level?
Our students chess skill will be evaluated on the first day of class, and they will be grouped based on their skill level. They will receive lessons and practice within their groups. We also do a number of activities that involve the entire class.
Will my child be able to play chess with his friends?
Of course! We always try to encourage the students to play with as many partners as possible, but friends are welcome to play against each other and enjoy each others company.
Will my child be paired with kids his/her own age?
We normally separate groups by skill, not by age, but most of the time students in the same skill level are also in the same general age group.
My child is an advanced chess player - will they be challenged in your class?
Chess is a very deep game and we have created our curriculum to challenge students of all skill levels. If your child has a United States Chess Federation rating of 1100 and above, we will still find ways to challenge them, but because of the group nature of the class they may become bored from being far above the rest of the competition. If that is the case we are happy to find your child a private tutor from our staff or provide you with other options to help achieve your goals.
My child is interested but I’d like to hear more about your program.
Chess Wizards is the largest chess education program in the United States. Our goal is for chess, and education in general, to be fun and exciting for our students. Learning chess has many great benefits for kids, like better decision-making, self-confidence, logical thinking, and sportsmanship, but if it is not fun they will much rather go home and play video games. We have a huge variety of classroom activities designed to make learning fun, such as team chess games, interactive lessons, and both chess and real-life thinking puzzles.
Can you tell me if a child other than my own has registered for the class?
We’re sorry, for safety purposes we cannot divulge any information about other students in the class. We would recommend calling the parent to see if they have registered.
Who makes sure the kids get to the class?
In most cases Chess Wizards instructors are not responsible for bringing children to the class. We recommend letting your child’s classroom teacher know you have registered them for Chess Wizards after school as well as reminding your child the day of the class.
Where will the class be held?
The classroom that is assigned to us varies school by school, and sometimes even week to week. I recommend calling the school to confirm which classroom we are assigned to that week.
When does the class start?
Please contact our customer service department for detailed class information.
How do I look at upcoming classes on your website?
You must first create an online account with us. Be sure to input your child’s school. If we are currently teaching at your location all upcoming and current classes will appear.
My child is interested in your program but you do not teach at their school. Can we take class at a different school?
Each school’s policy for allowing outside students is different and sometimes the logistics are difficult. Parents can contact the school directly to clarify whether or not a student from another school is allowed to attend the class. Also, we are always happy for an opportunity to be introduced to new schools.
Can I send a completed registration form with a check to my child’s teacher?
No, registrations are only accepted by phone, online, or mailed to our office. For payment inquiries please call customer service.
I’m having a lot of trouble with your website.
I’m sorry to hear that, would you like to register right now over the phone?
How do I use your website to register?
In order to register for classes you will need to create an account on our website first. Once your account has been created you will be able to register. If you are trying to register for a class that has already begun please contact customer service as registration must then be done through our office.
Class has already begun, can I still register? Do I have to pay the full fee?
Yes, you can still register at a prorated fee if we have space available.
If I sign my child up a second time will they be learning new topics?
YES! We have over 100 different lessons to go over with our students and we will keep it fun and fresh for returning Wizards as their chess skills grow.
Do we need to bring a chess board to class?
There is no need to bring your own chess board to class. We’ll provide chess boards and all required materials.
My child is a beginner, can they still join the class?
Yes, our classes have been designed to suit all chess skills levels!
Do you accept PK students?
You bet we do! Our interactive preschool curriculum is filled with songs, dancing, and interactive games designed specifically to engage and delight our youngest students.
The session at my child’s school is fully booked. Can my child join chess classes at another school?
Parents will need to contact the school directly to clarify whether or not a student from another school is allowed to attend the class.