5 Amazing Benefits of Summer Camp



As the school year comes to a close, parents may once again find themselves looking for ways to keep their kids engaged, active, and happy during the summer break. While it may be tempting to spend time in front of the TV or play endless video games, those activities certainly don’t provide the same benefits as an active outdoor summer camp.  Summer camps help to improve social skills, encourage creativity, foster independence, build lasting friendships, and provide a break from technology. Let’s take a closer look at these 5 amazing benefits:



Improved Social Skills

At summer camp children are exposed to a diverse group of peers with one thing in common – a desire to play chess!  Through a wide variety of team building activities students learn to work with each other, cooperate, and practice good sportsmanship. Group activities also help children learn to manage conflicts and negotiate solutions – both of which are important social skills that will benefit them in future interactions with others.



Encourages Creativity

In a supportive summer camp environment, children are able to safely take risks and try new things they may not have considered before. By stepping out of their comfort zones, children can discover new passions, build confidence in their abilities, and develop their imagination in ways that are not often possible in the classroom or at home.



Fosters Independence

During summer camp children are given lots of opportunities to make decisions and solve problems without the guidance of their parents. Whether that means choosing which game to play or how to navigate a group project, children are encouraged to take responsibility for their choices and actions. This can also help them further develop decision making and problem-solving skills.



Build Lasting Friendships

Summer camps provide children with an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and bond over shared interests. Team building activities like the ones experienced during summer camp can provide opportunities for children to connect with others on a deeper level, creating lifelong memories and lasting friendships.



Provides a Break from Technology

Summer camps give children a chance to disconnect from screens and entertain themselves without electronics. The physical activities which are an integral part of our summer camp experience help to promote healthy lifestyle choices and provide a sense of accomplishment that can boost self-confidence.



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