8 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers



Good habits are essential to living a healthy and fulfilling life – and for teachers, developing good habits are key to creating a highly effective classroom.


Effective teachers are passionate about teaching. They’re happy to be at school, have built solid relationships with their students, know the content they are teaching extremely well, and are the ones that are able to make the greatest impact on the lives of their students. So grab a notepad and check out our list of 8 habits of highly effective teachers:



Teach With Passion

Effective teachers thoroughly enjoy being in the classroom and with their students. Their eyes light up when you ask them about education - and even on difficult days they remember to think about their WHY – their students.


Create a Safe Environment

Effective teachers create a safe learning environment where all students can feel (and be!) successful. There is mutual respect in their classroom and their students love to learn.


Set High Standards

Highly effective teachers hold students to high, yet attainable standards, and they understand the importance of differentiating their instruction in order to put their students first.


Build Relationships

Effective teachers get to know their students on a personal level. They take time each day to connect with their kiddos, and learn about their interests outside of school.  Effective teachers talk with their students, not at them.


Never Stop Learning

Effective teachers are open minded, and are willing to collaborate with other teachers and educational professionals in order to provide the best education for their students.


Stay Organized

Effective teachers come with a plan - while still understanding the importance of being flexible in order to meet the needs of their class. They have everything they need for the day organized and ready to go before class begins, can easily locate what they need in their classroom, and their students can easily find the things they need in their classroom as well.  


Take Time To Reflect

Effective teachers take time to reflect on their teaching. They make notes of what lessons and activities went well, and take time to think through what they want to do differently the next time in order to improve their teaching.


Make Learning Fun

Highly effective teachers make learning fun! They understand that students learn in different ways and through meaningful learning experiences. Effective teachers are able to strike a balance between teaching their lesson and taking time to have fun, laugh, and enjoy the company of their students.