Advantages and Disadvantages of Blitz Chess


Blitz chess refers to a game of chess with a fast time control, typically between 3 and 5 minutes per player. This style will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat and can be a great tool in improving your chess game when used correctly – meaning you balance the time you spend playing blitz chess with plenty of time spent playing classic chess as well. While there are clear advantages and disadvantages to playing speed chess, we do think it’s a great addition to your playing experience.


Check out blitz in action below:

Magnus Carlsen's Most Exciting Blitz Game Ever - YouTube


Advantages of blitz


Improving your openings

When you play blitz you typically play a lot of games in a row which means it can be great for training openings and memorizing them.

Tactics, tactics, tactics

Due to the game format, blitz provides lots of opportunities for players to practice and improve their tactical skills.

Improved pattern recognition

Speed chess can help players to quickly find and recognize patterns, a skill which can be applied to non-blitz games as well.

Increased ability to think under pressure

Playing blitz chess will help you get better at playing under time limits, and will help you develop your natural instincts to think fast and make good choices in high-pressure situations.



Disadvantages of blitz


Too much tactics and not enough strategy

If you play blitz too often you may get used to playing in full tactical mode instead of paying enough attention to strategy.

Little time to digest what you learned

Analyzing your games, figuring out what went wrong, and learning from mistakes is an essential part of improving as a chess player. While some people may still take time to analyze their blitz game, the environment doesn’t really give much time to do so. 

“Good enough” moves

Since you are playing against the clock, blitz doesn’t always encourage players to find the best moves, but rather to use moves that are just “good enough”.

Can make you impatient

Experienced players know that chess is a game where you need to be patient, but if you play too much blitz you may start to feel like waiting for your opponent in a classic game of chess is a task.



Blitz is a fantastic way to train your brain to think under pressure, and it’s certainly a fun way to spice things up when you don’t have lots of free time available. What are some advantages or disadvantages you see in playing blitz?