Benefits to Assuming Your Opponent is Better Than You



 “Always assume that your opponent is going to be bigger, stronger and faster than you; so that you learn to rely on technique, timing and leverage rather than brute strength.-Helio Gracie 


Why would it be helpful to assume your opponent is better than you? Here are 10 reasons why:


  1.     It will make you think long and hard about each move you make.
  2.     Makes you grow your ability to see things from another viewpoint.
  3.     You will always have to be challenging yourself.
  4.     Know that you learn more from losing than winning.
  5.     It will encourage you to take risks.
  6.     You may learn new moves.
  7.     It will force you to learn and play strong moves.
  8.     It forces you to bring you’re ‘A’ game and play good technical chess.
  9.     Improves your ability to see things from others’ perspectives.
  10.     It will keep you motivated.