Fun Online Games Kids Can Play Together


Whether it’s a snow day and your child is stuck at home, or your child is missing a friend who lives far away – classic online video games are a great way for kids to stay connected. Unlike meeting up over a zoom call where there’s a good chance many kids will inevitably end up awkwardly staring at the screen with nothing to say – these online sites make it easy for kids to play some of their favorite classic interactive games together even when they can’t be in the same place. Best of all many of these games are completely free, meaning you can just click on the link, create a private playing space, and you’re good to go.

Did you know that when you sign up for Chess Wizards online classes your child receives a free account with They can safely meet up with friends online to practice what they’ve learned and play virtual chess matches together.



This is basically a game of Pictionary with the main difference being you draw your pictures on the computer instead of on paper.  



The graphics are pretty basic in this online version of Battleship, but the fun of the game remains the same. It’s super simple to use and send a private game link to a friend.



This online game looks just like the real deal – just on the screen instead of the kitchen table.


Classic Games

On this website kids can play tons of classic card games together as well as checkers and chess in easy to create private playing rooms.


Connect 4

The graphics are also pretty basic on this online version of Connect 4, however it’s just as fun as ever and super easy to send a private game link to a friend.



This online Monopoly game really brings the excitement to life. There are tons of boards to choose from, and you can even add video chats directly in the game to see each other face to face. Please note you do need to download the app to play this one together.


Vote’s Out

This hilarious game is perfect for older kids. Every player uses their own device to create the most creative and witty responses in order to win votes from other players. It’s quick, simple, and a guaranteed way to have fun with friends.