Humor and Chess - 2 Signs of True Intelligence


What do humor and chess have in common?

They both require a high level of intelligence.

 It takes both cognitive and emotional ability to create jokes and maintain a sense of humor. In fact, studies have shown that funny people actually have higher verbal and non-verbal intelligence, and higher IQ’s than less funny peers. Even Albert Einstein attributed his brilliance to maintaining his sense of humor.

Just like chess, having a sense of humor is good for the mind and the heart. It’s true that chess players can be serious when it comes to the game, but we also know that chess players like to have fun and enjoy a good laugh!


We hope you enjoy these chess puns and jokes, and have some fun reading these together with your child.



Q: Where do chess players like to go to look for a bargain?

A: The pawn-shop.


Q: Why are artists so bad at chess?

A: Because they like to draw.


Q: What does Arnold Schwarzenegger say at the start of a chess game?

A: I’ll be Black.


Q: Why did the chess player get tense in the restaurant?

A: Because the waiter said, “Check.”


Q: What did the chess grand master do when the big tournament was stressing him out?

A: He took the knight off.


Q: What do chess players like to eat?

A: Chess-nuts.


If you forget the rules of chess, don’t worry – you’re allowed to check.


I like to play chess with old men in the park, although it’s hard to find 32 of them.


I have a friend in Prague I like to play chess with. He’s my Czech mate.



Do you have a good chess joke to share? We would love to hear it!