Jolly Chess Themed DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas for Kids


Creating art that can be hung on the Christmas tree is a wonderful way to spend time together and create memories during the holiday season. Homemade ornaments also make great gifts that will be treasured year after year by those who receive them.

There are lots of homemade ornament ideas out there, unfortunately too many of them aren’t actually kid-friendly to make, and are so complicated that they end up looking nothing like the inspiration picture.

If you are looking for ornaments that are easily kid made, while looking oh-so-cute (even if they aren’t perfect) you’ve come to the right place.  Oh, and better yet, all of these ornaments are made using chess pieces – perfect for the chess player in your life!  


Check out these simple, sentimental, and adorable ornament ideas below:


Helpful hint: You can easily find chess pieces for crafting at your local thrift store of 5 Below store.


Yarn Shapes


  •          Scissors
  •          Plain cardboard
  •          Yarn
  •          Tape
  •          Paint (optional)


  1.        Decide what shapes you want to make your ornaments, and cut them out of the cardboard.
  2.        If desired you can paint the cardboard, but leaving them natural brown looks great too.
  3.        Tape a piece of yarn to a spot of the backside of the cardboard.
  4.        Wrap the yarn around the shape in different directions until you are satisfied with the look.
  5.        Knot the yarn at the end to make a hook for hanging.


Hanging Icicles


  •          Chess pieces
  •          Hot glue
  •          Paint
  •          Yarn or ribbon
  •          Glitter (optional)


  1.        Glue two chess piece bases together. These work best when using two of the same piece.
  2.        Once dried, let your child paint the pieces and add glitter to look like icicles.
  3.        Add a yarn or ribbon loop to the top so it can be hung on the tree.


Snowflake Frames


  •          Cardboard
  •          Scissors
  •          Printed photo
  •          Glitter
  •          Glue
  •          Chess pieces
  •          Yarn or ribbon


  1.        Cut out a small circle shape from your cardboard.
  2.        Cover your chess pieces with glue and sprinkle them with glitter.
  3.        Glue your child’s photo to the center of the cardboard circle.
  4.        Once dried, glue the glitter covered chess pieces in a circular design around your child’s photo on the cardboard.
  5.        Allow time to dry. Attach a yarn or ribbon loop to the back or your snowflake ornament in order to hang on the tree.