National Chess Day!

National Chess Day is coming up on Saturday, October 12th, 2019!

Former U.S. President Gerald Ford announced the first National Chess Day on October 9th, 1976. Ever since, National Chess Day has been celebrated on the second Saturday in October. President Ford’s purpose in recognizing a National Chess Day, was to encourage individuals to engage in a game of chess and enhance their critical thinking skills.

"For both professionals and amateurs, chess is a game that sharpens the mind, tests human faculties and encourages healthy competition. It has captivated the attention of players and spectators world-wide and will continue to do so as long as competition and excellence challenge mankind.” - Former President Gerald Ford

On a day when people are encouraged to get together and celebrate all things chess, what can you do to celebrate?

  1.     Play a game of chess with friends or family.
  2.     Organize a mini tournament with some friends.
  3.     Teach someone that has never played chess before how to play.
  4.     Sign up for a tournament.
  5.     Read a chess book, or check out chess books from the library.
  6.     Make your own chess pieces out of craft items.
  7.     Draw a chess board outside with sidewalk chalk and enjoy a game of chess outdoors.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that many former presidents played chess?

  • John Adams,
  • Thomas Jefferson,
  • James Madison,
  • James Monroe,
  • John Quincy Adams,
  • Ulysses S Grant,
  • Rutherford Hayes,
  • James Garfield,
  • Grover Cleveland,
  • Theodore Roosevelt,
  • William Howard Taft,
  • Woodrow Wilson,
  • Warren Harding,
  • Harry S Truman,
  • Jimmy Carter,
  • Bill Clinton, and Abraham Lincoln all enjoyed the game of chess!