Summer Camp Rocks



Summer is an ideal time for kids to get out and explore!

Summer camps offer a unique structured opportunity for children to grow and learn new skills while becoming more independent, self-confident, and social. It is critical that children continue to learn and grow during the summer months – and children who attend summer camps reap tons of benefits.


Some of these benefits include:


  1.          Helping children dive deeper into unique interests and skills

Summer camps are all about offering a wide variety of new experiences to children. Because of this, camps provide lots of time for children to really challenge themselves and spend time doing things they truly enjoy.


  1.          Building new friendships and improving teamwork skills

Summer camps provide children with an opportunity to make friends with similar interests, and meet other children they would not have otherwise had an opportunity to meet.


  1.          Providing mental stimulation during breaks from school

Summer camps keep children mental stimulation flowing all summer long, and keep children in a more normal daily routine.


  1.          Ensuring daily physical activity

Chess Wizards summer camps include daily physical activities which include classic camp games as well as our own unique strategy-themed games.


  1.          Encouraging creativity in a judgement free setting

There’s no testing or grades when you come to summer camp, meaning children have an opportunity to be creative in a totally stress and judgement free setting.


  1.          Building confidence

Summer camps provide lots of time for practice, and practice leads to growth and confidence.


  1.          Creating memories that last a lifetime

Summer camps are just plain fun and entertaining – creating some of the best childhood summer memories!



Chess Wizards summer camps have tons of time for chess games and fun, and keep both your child’s mind and body active. During our half day and full day camps, campers will:

  • Expand on our interactive chess curriculum and improve their skills at all experience levels.
  • Enjoy physical games and activities every day. Some days we may play classic camp games, and other days will focus on some of our own strategy-themed games.
  • Enjoy healthy snacks.
  • Participate in team chess games, variation games, and time to play in tournament mode.
  • Take home awesome camp swag including t-shirts, puzzle books, and trophies!


What kid wouldn’t want to have Chess Wizards camp as a part of their summer break?! Let’s make summer 2021 one to remember! 


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