Our Programs

After-School Scholastic Programs

chess-wizards-evanston-camp-2013-photography-0020Chess Wizards offers fun, intellectual and challenging chess education and tournament experiences to children of all abilities and ages. Our chess instruction is held at participating schools, as well as park districts, churches, and chess clubs. We also offer private lessons, run scholastic tournaments, and hold chess camps in the summer. We believe learning should be fun! Kids play chess because it is fun, not because it ‘is good for their cognitive, social, and emotional development.’ Our students learn chess is fun on Day 1! In addition to lessons and traditional gameplay, we incorporate variations of chess games that build teamwork and foster a genuine enjoyment of a game over a thousand years old! Want to learn more about what to expect during a typical Chess Wizards Class? Read More Sign-Up and Find Programs


Chess tournaments are a great way for students to make new friends while learning how to concentrate and perform in a competitive environment. Both new and experienced students will be able to have fun, play good chess in a friendly setting, and win trophies and prizes. Our tournaments are usually Swiss style, which means everyone gets to play each round, regardless of their win/loss record. We focus on creating a fun, friendly environment while maintaining the spirit of competition that makes tournament experiences valuable. First-time tournament players are welcome! Sign-Up and Find Tournaments

Community Programs

Chess Wizards offers a variety of programs to learn chess at community centers and park districts across the US and Canada. In addition to our standard scholastic curriculum, these include Advanced Chess Team classes, which provides curriculum to prepare students for state and national tournaments. Our private lessons are open to all ages. Call us to find the best instructor for you! If you have trouble finding a program at a school or community center near you, give us a call. We can always set one up! Sign-Up and Find Programs