Who is Abhimanyu Mishra? The Youngest Grandmaster in the World


Abhimanyu Mishra of New Jersey, is a chess prodigy. On June 30th, 2021, he became the world’s youngest chess Grandmaster, qualifying for the title at just 12 years old. Mishra was born to play chess.

He is a competitive, determined, and passionate player who takes the game very seriously. No matter who his opponent is, he doesn’t seem to hold back or have any fears.

In order to receive a Grandmaster title, a player must score three Grandmaster norms at norm tournaments. Norm tournaments must have at least three Grandmasters from different countries, nine rounds, a time control of at least 120 minutes, and an international arbiter present to make rulings. Each norm is scored by achieving a performance rating of over 2600 in a tournament, and a player must also exceed a FIDE rating of 2500.

There are millions of chess players around the world, but only a little of 1500 chess players have received the title of Grandmaster.


image credit: chess.com




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At 12 years old, Mishra is already impressive, by his adult years he just may be unstoppable!