5 Reasons Why Chess Wizards Summer Camps Rock!


There’s nothing better than spending a summer at camp filled with fun, friends, and memories that last a lifetime. Chess Wizards summer camps provide children with new friends, new skills, new adventures, and a chance to challenge their most powerful muscle – their brain!


Check out our top 5 reasons why Chess Wizards summer camps rock:


You Get To Explore New Interests

It’s tough to find enough time to focus on, and learn, a new activity. A wonderful aspect of camps that specialize in specific activities is that they are a great distraction-free way for kids to dive deep into learning something new. Students are really able to get out of their comfort zones and take risks without a fear of failure. Who knows where your child’s new interests may lead!


You Get To Improve Your Game

Our interactive summer camp provides opportunities for children to improve their skills no matter if they are a new or seasoned player. There are no grades at summer camp, just a mix of classic camp games, fun activities, and strategy games unique to our summer curriculum. No matter where your child’s chess skills are at the beginning of summer, they will most definitely grow by the end of camp.


You Get To Make New Friends

While it may be a bit nerve-racking at first, summer camp is a great way for students to build confidence in meeting new people. Chess Wizards summer camp gives your child an opportunity to play awesome team chess games, and spend time with like-minded peers, which helps them to easily build friendships that are rooted in their similar interests. Many of our camp students keep in touch with friends long after camp is over by meeting up to play games, or by keeping in touch to share tips and fun stories.


You Get To Spend Summer Being Physically and Mentally Active

Summer camp provides a healthy, active outlet for children away from TV, cell phones, and video games during summer break. Every day of our camp includes time spent outdoors drawing from classic camp games and introducing fun, strategy-themed games of our own design. Your child will spend just as much time exercising their body as their mind.


Your Child Will Thank You

On top of all the fun physical activities, strategy games, and team chess games, our summer camp is also filled with healthy snacks, camp awards, swag, and tons of fun. Your child is going to have a blast this summer at camp!