Chess Resolutions for the New Year


The new year is a time when many people are making resolutions. If you or your child is a chess player, why not make some chess related resolutions for the new year! We have some great ideas for goals that are attainable and will help you improve your game.


Make chess friends

Chess is a social game, so it’s important to connect and make friends with other people who love chess as much as you do. Having friends who play chess can be a wonderful encouragement, help you learn new things, and offer you lots of practice time to improve your game.


Our in-person classes, online classes, and camps are great ways to make new friends!



Play in a chess tournament

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming chess tournaments through Chess Wizards, or sign up for a tournament online. Every opportunity to play is a chance to learn and grow.



Learn at least one new opening

Be ambitious and try to learn at least one new opening each month.


Check out some popular openings here!



Watch a big tournament

There are lots of tournaments you can watch on TV or online, and learn new moves from the best of the best.


Women's World Chess Championship 2022

2022 FIDE Grand Prix

2022 Candidates Tournament

2022 Chess Olympiad



Do lots of chess puzzles

Set a daily or weekly goal of solving a certain number of chess puzzles correctly.


Here’s a couple to start with:



You can also find lots of chess puzzles at

(Chess Wizards students can get a discount on a ChessKid membership when registering for our classes!)



Resolve not to give up

Even when a game isn’t going your way, work hard this year to not give up, and give it your all until the very end.



Do you have any other chess related New Year’s resolutions? We would love to hear them!